Schools in Australia offer an excellent choice for all parents.  Selecting the best school for your child is challenging and is one of the most important investment decisions you will make.  Your child’s future is in your hands.  What is the starting point on this decision-making journey?  Choose Australia!

Ten reasons to choose Australia

  1. Australia has a highly regarded education system with many choices
  2. There are multiple pathways to universities in Australia and overseas. Students that attend school in Australia are well positioned for entry to some of the finest universities in Australia and around the world.
  3. There are excellent English language programs for students needing to strengthen English skills before commencing in an Australian classroom.
  4. Australian schools offer quality teaching, student support and excellent academic outcomes.
  5. Living and learning in a multicultural society, students develop a global perspective.
  6. Australia offers a safe and secure environment.
  7. Australian schools are affordable with a range of tuition fees available.
  8. Australian schools lead to a wide spectrum of future career paths.
  9. Australian schools – particularly prestigious non government schools – offer amazing facilities.
  10. Australia offers a great environment, clean air and has the most liveable cities in the world

Australian schools develop the whole student and provide a holistic education with an emphasis on wellbeing. There is a strong understanding that student wellbeing underpins academic success. Australian schools offer STEM, performing and visual arts, elite sports programs and community service opportunities. Australian schools are built around open communication between parents and the school. Quality schools make it a priority to keep parents overseas informed, so they remain an integral part of their child’s education.

The Australian school year runs from January to December. In the secondary years students have a choice of pathways that lead to university including IB Diploma, senior certificate (QCE, HSC, VCE, SACE, TCE, WACE) or vocational education. Students have an extensive range of subject choices which lead to many career pathways.

Students who study abroad are more confident, more focused and more independent. They also have a global outlook and are comfortable living in an international setting. Future employers will look for global citizens, and skills developed studying in Australia will be invaluable in the future job market.

How do you decide which school?  
Make a list of what is important for your child’s education.

  • What am I looking for?
  • What do I value?
  • Which state/city? Metropolitan or regional area?
  • Non government school or government school?
  • Co-education or single gender?
  • Boarding or day school?
  • When should my child commence? Primary or Secondary?
  • What can I afford?
  • What is available?
  • What is my child interested in and what are their skills?