Welcome to the Australian Schools Information System.

This system helps students, parents and education agents to search, compare and apply to Australian schools.

Australia is a leading destination for international students planning to study in world class schools. 

Over 40 Australian schools are listed on the Australian Schools Information System with current and accessible information available for each school. New schools are joining the system all the time.  Each school has either a one page summary listing or a full listing with detailed information about their school. Information for schools with a full listing includes:

  • About the school
  • Courses available
  • Pastoral care policies
  • School facilities
  • Admission process and entry requirement
  • Accommodation offerings
  • Place availability table listing places available for next three years
  • Application form
  • School brochure
  • School contacts
  • School photos and videos

All school pages are very visual and some include school videos.  Start your search now to see what’s on offer. 

You won’t be disappointed!