For over 30 years AEAS has been testing international students for English proficiency, general ability and mathematical reasoning, in preparation for their study experience in Australian schools.

The AEAS test was developed specifically for school age students.  The AEAS Assessment Report provides more comprehensive information than any other available test.  Results can indicate a student’s suitability for the year level applied for and indicate areas they may need support with.  It provides an accurate account of English language proficiency and the amount of intensive English language required, in weeks, to prepare a student for mainstream classes.

Understanding students’ English language and general abilities will enable schools to:

  1. Make informed decisions about applications
  2. Better understand when a student is ready to commence formal studies
  3. Better support students based on individual needs when they start school

Testing gives schools clear and relevant information.  This ensures students’ learning needs are understood, and met, by placing them in the correct school and the correct year level.

The benefit for students and parents is that they have a definite idea of how many weeks of intensive English language lessons should be necessary for the them to reach a standard that will enable them to learn competently in an English medium classroom.  This allows students to think about travel preparation, and helps establish a timeframe for study.

Most importantly, when students have reached the standards expected to study in an Australian school, their AEAS Test Report will support their application to Australia’s top schools, ensuring their experience in Australia is a positive one.  The rest is up to them – the world is their oyster!!